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Glamping in the Home of Trolls, Trøndelag

Jutultunet glamping gives you the opportunity to spend the night in Trollheimen mountains, with a feeling of luxury. 

Jutulhytta is our very first treetop cabin for rent, located in Trøndelag, Norway. Book your stay now!

During the day you can bike, hike or ski to spectacular locations.

Watch the aurora northern lights from your bed in our glamping dome. Your chances are best from October to February. 

Experience glamping in Trøndelags beautiful nature!


Jutultunet is the name of our glamcamp.

The term “Jutul” originates from northern mythology and is a creature with human form, but with superhuman size and power.

The word “tun” is a norwegian word that means a collection of houses from one or more farms. Today it is also used when describing a collection of cabins (“hyttetun”).