Activities in the area.

Explore Trollheimen by skiing or hiking.

Trollheimen is a mountain area with variety in the landskape formations. You can go hiking or skiing in gental hills or more jagged mountains. Here you can follow waymarked hiking trails.

In winther there is ski trails in Jutultunets area. 

Trollheimen contains a diversety of plants and animals. In end of summer you can pick blueberrys and cloudberrys. If your lucky, there might be a moose or some reindeers crossing by.

Trekanten i Trollheimen (The Triangle in Trollheimen).

End your mountain hike with a luxury stay at Jutulhytta!

"Trekanten i Trollheimen" is among the most popular mountain hikes in Norway. This is a three days cabin-to-cabin hike that consists of the three cabins Gjevilvasshytta, Jøldalshytta and Trollheimshytta. From Jutultunet it is approx. 12 km. to Jøldalshytta, we therefore recommend starting the hike towards Jøldalshytta and ending with a relaxing stay at Jutulhytta. Our guests get free parking at Jutultunet during the entire trip, send us a message or write in the booking to register your car. Read more about the Triangle in Trollheimen at

Alpine slope.

For the thrill seeking guests the ski slopes at Nerskogen Skisenter would be a fun activity. 

The ski center contains a children´s track, a track for toboggan and several slopes for downhill skiing or snowboarding. 

All equipment can be rented at the center. Book in advance at https://www.nerskogenskisenter... .

Dog sledding at Nerskogen.

Trollheimen Husky offers activities all year round. In winther the track for dog sleds swings by Jutultunet.

For booking and more information see https://www.trollheimenhusky.n...


If you bring your bicycle on the trip, there are nice dirt roads where you can go for a bike ride.

In Nerskogen there are several marked cycle paths of varying degrees of difficulty.